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So I come home from my trip to Chicago and see a beautiful purple and white package sitting on my doorstep just waiting for me to open..instantly I am excited, it’s L.V. Kiki! Getting a package in the mail from L.V. Kiki compares to waiting to open presents Christmas day.. it’s THAT exciting!

Let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

L.V Kiki picks the most exciting fashion trends and deliver them straight to your door every month.  Your box will contain an assortment of fashionable and stylish jewelry, shoes, scarves, hats, hosiery, belts, hair accessories and more!  Each carefully curated accessories box includes 4-6 high-quality seasonal accessories to ensure that you look trendy from head-to-toe.
As if that’s not enough, L.V. Kiki give you 5 rewards points for every dollar you spend.  For every 500 points you accumulate, you get a $10 gift card to choose your own new favorites from our store! So now that you understand how it works, let’s move on the the fun part..un-boxing 🙂 Always remember.. Friends Don’t Let Friends Leave The House Without Accessories…  And of course..Free Shipping! Yes!
Sneak peak at the L.V. Kiki welcome letter..don’t worry, you’ll get yours too. These are tucked into the packages on the side so make sure you read yours and don’t miss out! Now onto the next part!
IMG_0896.JPGL.V. Kiki definitely doesn’t mess around with packaging..even the tissue paper and stickers are CUTE! I’m already loving this and I haven’t even got to the goodies yet!
IMG_0900.JPGAlmost there..no peaking;) Just kidding, let’s get this baby unwrapped all the way and see what all the fuss is about!
IMG_0901.JPGWow! There are 4 amazing pouches FILLED with trending accessories. Just look at all this bling peaking through these oh-so-cute bags already. Remember to not throw your pouches away.. They are great for traveling with jewelry, and also for keeping jewelry safe in your purse. Multi-purpose at it’s finest!
Time for a closer look. So far I have spotted bracelet, necklace, scarf, headband, and hair ties. Let’s keep revealing 🙂 You can also shop for more accessories here!
First item..dun dun dun.. Bracelet! It’s a beautiful gold and black tear drop bracelet (pictured above). The quality of this bracelet is very nice and also can stretch to fit many sizes. It fits my wrist wonderfully and for being a good quality, it’s surprising not super heaving on my wrist. Always a plus. We’ve all been there..Let’s wear a cute bracelet all day to work and it becomes heavy and annoying so we end up taking it off..toss it right in the purse! This bracelet will be kept on all day long.
Onto the next bundle of joy! It’s a beautiful statement necklace featuring neutrals tones of tans, browns, golds, and of course (my favorite) diamonds! All of which are strung along a black cord which is very soft. Definitely going to be wearing this one to work tomorrow!
We are now onto the hair accessory department! I always love dressing up a classic hair style with a little bling bling.. whether it’s a sparkly headband, clip, or even hair tie. Above is the beaded headband that has an elastic piece on the bottom to fit anyone! The bead work on this head band is Ahh-mazing! Let’s get a good look at this!
Ta-da! It’s beautiful, enough said. I will be styling head to toe at work these next few days!
Now to accompany your jazzed up hair do – you can now pull up those long locks back with these adorable hair ties. This style of hair tie is my absolute favorite. Having long blonde hair, it get’s tangled up in those boring, regular ties and ripped out. Not with these bad boys;) My hair is snag free and fabulous! Just look at that bead work! Feel free to browse more here too.
Last but not least..a beautiful scarf! Now let me tell you..this scarf is HUGE! I am wrapping myself up in this bundle of joy. Especially these days since it’s extremely cold..high of 3..BRR! This scarf will do the trick. It is so soft and silk like and I never want to take this off. This scarf is packed with an intricate color scheme and pattern. Let’s get a good look at all these colors blended perfectly!
This scarf’s beautiful hues of purple, gold, blue, and brown seamlessly blended with this intricate pattern of skulls adds a pop of sass to any outfit. Here’s a better picture of the skulls 🙂
Now to wrap it all up, let’s take of took at everything that was in this amazing L.V. Kiki Package!
Just amazing! Each L.V. Kiki box includes 4 to 6 fashion accessories each month. You can easily upgrade your subscription to prepay for 6 months or a year by logging into your account. Subscriptions are set for a minimum of 1 reoccurrence before you are able to cancel. After this, you may cancel at any time with no cancellation fees! FINALLY! a NO FEE cancelation, almost unheard of these days. If you have any questions, check them out here or please refer to the FAQ page here or contact them at Contactus@lvkiki.com. So now remember.. Friends Don’t Let Friends Leave The House Without Accessories…
Friends Don’t Let Friends Leave The House Without Accessories!
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